Moonscape - Moon Film Festival

Opening 20 July 2019
Not yet rated, 225 mins

The documentary is an immersive 3.5 hour experience which includes all of Apollo 11's lunar landing and moonwalk footage: the 16mm colour film, the restored TV broadcast and the Hasselblad photographs.

Funded and produced by space enthusiasts from all over the world, it shows the full, unedited Apollo 11 landing and moonwalk, using only the original TV and film footage and the original audio and photographs. All this material has been scanned, digitized and restored from the best available sources. The live TV broadcast, the 16mm color film footage shot on the Moon and in Mission Control, and the Hasselblad 70mm color photographs taken by astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, have been fully synchronized with the audio recordings (including the onboard and Mission Control recordings) and are presented in real time, as they happened

Screening as part of the 2019 Moon Film Festival. Celebrating 50 years since man first went to the moon.

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